Experience shows that after an air disaster those affected (survivors, families and loved ones) come together to share their situation and the burdens they will have. As a result, those persons establish Family Associations.

Family associations are non-profit groups of surviving victims of air crashes as well as those families whose lost their loved ones. For most families there is a very unique need to share their experiences, their own sorrow and their feelings. Initially, air crash family associations are formed to take care of their own constituents needs which are not otherwise addressed as well as to discover the causes, reasons, and circumstances of their tragedies The families bring to the groups their resources in experience and background . Consequently, ACVFFI is mainly formed by Family Association, which are association from any country established in the aftermath of air tragedy, its name are Association Member.
Likewise, singular persons are affected by air disaster, either professional or personal ways. Emergency workers, airport staff, airlines staff, etc, or people who are concerned on consequences of aviation accidents are welcomed. They are Friend Members.