Victims helping victims

About us


The Air Crash Victims’ Families’ Federation International is a non-government and non-profit organization. ACVFFI aims to be an umbrella organization set up for supporting the families, victims, and passengers that may suffer from an air crash in any part of the world. Our intention is to get a human approach in aviation.


ACVFFI established in Madrid on July 21, 2015. Three association were the founders; AirBlues Crash Affectees Association (ACAA), Hinterbliebene der Opfer des Flugzeugabsturzes AF447 (HIOP AF447), and Association of Affected of Flight JK5022 (AVJK5022). Victims and families of three major air crashes: Spanair Flight JK5022, Air France Flight AF447 and AirBlue Flight ED202, that killed 534 human beings and injured 18 persons.


The air disaster's consequences are similar for all parties involved, regardless of where it took place. In our experience, more often than not, we had to deal with the inefficiencies of the authorities, the indifference of airlines, the unresponsiveness of the air industry and the greed of insurance companies. Consequently, we think that a 'unique voice' which is heard by the aviation community is the only way to change this reality.

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