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Aftermath an air disaster the experience shows the affected (survivors, families and loved ones) come together to share their situation and the burdens they will have.
ACVFFI is the work of persons who lost a relative in an air disaster and aimed that nobody suffers again the same. The experience showed the future is worldwide victims joint under the same umbrella organization and one voice.

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Victims in First Safer Skies Forum
18 December, 2020
Victims in First Safer Skies Forum
Videos shown in Safier Skies Forum, made by MH17 Flight Disaster Foundation and the Association of Families of PS752 Victims.
Accidents that shouldn’t happen
17 August, 2020
Accidents that shouldn’t happen
ACVFFI post this Aviation Week's Editorial because we agree fully with this article and its arguments. The accidents that shouldn't happen.
Flight PK8303
23 May, 2020
Flight PK8303
A few words for those affected by the air disaster of Flight PK8303