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ICAO’s Assemblies

The activity of ACVFFI into ICAO's Assemblies

ACVFFI aims to give civil aviation a human approach.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the United Nations agency responsible for aviation. Triennial Assemblies are responsible for conducting comprehensive reviews in various areas, including technical, administrative, economic and legal.

As a major player in the aviation sector, ACVFFI actively participates in ICAO Assemblies. We are committed to disseminating technical working papers and convening key stakeholder meetings to engage with aviation leaders.

It is noteworthy that victims and families have been participating in Assemblies as the Air Crash Victims Families Group since 2010, largely due to their unwavering commitment to promoting safety in the aviation sector. Following the creation of the ACVFFI, ICAO added us to the list of international organizations that can be invited to its events in 2016.

Since then, victims have been an integral part of ICAO events, and ACVFFI has been a key instrument of change in ensuring that victims’ voices are heard.  ACVFFI typically sends an observer delegation to ICAO assemblies, including a chairperson and several delegates, a testament to its immense contribution to aviation safety.

Presented Working Papers (WP)

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