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From Aviation Safety to Complex Systems Safety

From Aviation Safety to Complex Systems Safety

ACVFFI attended to From Aviation Safety to Complex Systems Safety

Before that ACVFFI was set up, ACVFG was the organization for victims into ICAO. Paolo Petinarolli was the Chair of Foundazione 8 Ottobre and was part of ACVFG. In fact, ACVFFI’s members as Mrs. Vera and Mr. Pontes have been deeply touched by passing away of Paolo. They were part of Task Force 285 into ICAO which create the Doc 9998.

Logically, ACVFFI decided to attend to this event held in Milan and organized by Foundazione 8 Ottobre. Mrs. Águeda Rueda, Mr. Junaid Hamid, and Mrs. Pilar Vera, ACVFFI’s members, participated in this conference.

15th Anniversary of Milan’s Linate Air Accident. October 28, 2016

On the 15th anniversary of Milano Linate accident, in order to remember the 118 victims and our dear departed Chair Paolo Pettinaroli, and considering our efforts to ensure both safety and passengers protection in the most effective and constructive manner, Fondazione 8 Ottobre 2001 decided to organize a recurring event aimed at renewing the attention towards the theme of passengers protection, ultimate goal of our constitution, addressing current issues and items of specific interest. The first of these events, organized with the University of Milan and in collaboration with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence will take place in Milan on 28 October 2016, with a focus on Aviation Safety and Complex Systems Safety. The fundamental principles governing flight safety are recognized as representing the cutting edge by a broad variety of organizations and have been (or are being) applied in other Complex Systems characterized by similar risks and hazards, such as maritime and rail transports, hospitals, and industrial plants.

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