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Simple simulations for complex emergencies

Simple simulations for complex emergencies

Emergo Train System ® (ETS), conceived at the University of Linköping in Sweden as a table-top simulation table-top simulation in medical field, is a didactic tool that allows to verify and improve the preparedness of an organization and its operators to manage major disasters. The emergency scenario is carried out on magnetic boards: victims, operators and vehicles are represented by magnetic symbols called puppets. The impressive patients database provides for each of them a medical treatment path based on the ATLS® / PHTLS® / TNCC® standards which define the clinical evolution according to the choices made by the operators. The simulation develops as a role-playing game built and monitored by Katastrofmedicinskt Centrum certified instructors. Introduced in Italy in 1997 by Dr. Stefano Badiali, today the ETS license is officially held by the Bologna Committee of the Italian Red Cross which guarantees its use throughout the national territory.

Due to its adaptability and the possibility of exploring all the management aspects of a major event, ETS was also exported to the airport environment to carry out emergency exercises in accordance with the provisions of the ICAO Annexes and the EU Reg. 139/2014.

It is a summary of an article written by Monica Maccaferri in Simxine Magazine.

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