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ICAO Office Workshop on Family Assistance

ICAO Office Workshop on Family Assistance

The joint ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop on assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families brought together 80 aviation experts from 29 States to discuss effective ways to better address the needs of those impacted by aircraft accidents. The event was held on 20 February, the International Day Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families.

The ICAO regional offices’ workshops on family assistance were a suggestion that ACVFFI did in Symposium on Assistance Aircraft Victims and their Families. It is the eighth recommendation which aims for ICAO Regional Offices to promote Doc 9998 and Doc 9973, relying on the support of ACVFFI and its associations, as required.

ACVFFI expects this regional workshop to be a significant step forward in implementing the ICAO Policy on family assistance into EU States regulations. In other words, each country should have Plan for assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families.

Ms. Pilar Vera, ACVFFI’s Chair, was unable to attend, so Ms. Monica Maccaferri, an ACVFFI friend member, participated on behalf of Pilar. Continuing you may read the ACVFFI presentation and speech.

Other workshop presentations were uploaded into the ICAO portal web, follow the link for more information.

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