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Foundation Day – 21th JULY 2015

Foundation Day – 21th JULY 2015

Air Crash Victims’ Families’ Federation International(ACVFFI) non- government organization non-profit, was established in Madrid in July 21, 2015. It was an initiative of three Founder Members; AirBlues Crash Affectees Association (ACAA), from Pakistan, Hinterbliebene der Opfer des Flugzeugabsturzes AF447 (HIOP AF447), from Germany, and Association of Affected of Flight JK5022(AVJK5022), from Spain.

The purpose of ACVFFI is any air crash victims association in the world may become a member in order to defence victims and families. Working under message “VICTIMS HELPING VICTIMS”, it may contribute in development of regulations on assistance on air crash victims. Also contributing to improve safety and passenger rights.

ACVFFI bears the responsibility of giving answers to people who suffers an air disaster and ensuring that progress of air transport system has more human vision and aiding in a proactive way to improve safety.

Because whatever happens after air crash is very similar for all affected people, no matter the nationalities or place of occurrence. It is our experience, we had to confront the inefficiency from Authorities, the indolence from Air Carrier, the nonchalance from Industry and also the voracity of Insurance Companies which are solely and exclusively concerned about their outturn account.

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