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13th ICAO Air Navigation Conference

13th ICAO Air Navigation Conference

ACVFFI participates in the Special Session on the assistance of air accident Victims and their families hold during Thirteenth ICAO Air Navigation Conference.

From development to implementation

The conference, called ANConf /13, was a formal meeting of ICAO that provided an opportunity to State Members and aviation stakeholders to work towards evolving global strategies for the planning, development, and implementation of safety and air navigation. It was held from October 9 to 19, 2018 at ICAO Headquarters, in Montreal.

The event was an open debate on topics and proposals related to flight safety and air navigation capacity, efficiency and other key areas of particular interest to the aviation community and to society in general.

The theme of the conference was “From development to implementation“, which covers the implementation of operational improvements, such as technology, operational concepts, and work plans, from the conceptual phase to deployment. Emphasizing the importance of concepts for global use, the development of implementation plans at the regional level and the implementation of performance improvements at the local level.

Special Session “How to ensure that accident victims and their families receive the same treatment around the world

On October 16, 2018, a special session was held during the Conference. In which reviewed the development and implementation of relevant ICAO instruments and documents, as well as the regulations, policies and plans of the States and other international organizations. The session was a crucial opportunity to increase momentum towards the full implementation of assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families throughout the international civil aviation network.

ACVFFI Delegation

Federation participated in the Special Event through the intervention of Pilar Vera and the subsequent round table. Our Delegation was composed, (from left to right) by Mauricio Pontes (Brazil), Shamin Shaikh (Pakistan), Pilar Vera (Spain), Águeda Rueda (Spain) and Berns Gans (Germany).

The program of the event:

  1. Legislation, regulations and policies on family assistance Objective: to inform participants of the updates of the applicable ICAO instruments and documents, as well as the regulations, policies and plans of the States and international organizations
  2. Development of ICAO provisions derived from the 39th Assembly, compliance verification lists and USOAP audits.
  3. Objective: to present the actions taken by ICAO since the 39th Assembly; initial results of the implementation of family assistance plans through CC, and USOAP audits carried out
  4. Lessons and experiences on family assistance. Objective: share recent lessons and experiences gained by providing family assistance
  5. Round table: perspective views on family assistance; the way to follow. Objective: Based on USOAP data, implementation procedures, and tools, initiatives and lessons learned, to identify actions and recommendations related to family assistance.

The President of ICAO, Dr. Aliu, who open the Session, and the Representative of Spain in the Council, Javier Aguado, who moderated it, both agreed that in the history at the global level there are three names: Hans Ephraimson from the USA, Paolo Pettinaroli from Italy (both deceased) and Pilar Vera from Spain. During 8 years and since they first came to ICAO in 2010, have given a qualitative leap to the Victim Assistance Policy at the international level.

Following the presentation of Ms. Vera:

The other presentations are in the next link of ICAO’s website:

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