Victims helping victims

Flight PK8303

Flight PK8303

ACVFFI is devastated by the air tragedy of Flight PK-8303 of  Airline Company PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), which occurred today at Karachi Airport when an Airbus-A-320 crashed over a residential area of the Pakistani capital.

We want to extend our support and solidarity to families and victims. In the same way, we intend to do everything possible for the assistance detailed in Document 9998 on ICAO Policy for Assistance to Victims of air accidents and their families is received.

Through the news we receive, confusion is perceived about the number of people who were on board the plane, between 99 and 107, we also fear that there are people who were injured or even died in their homes since today was a holiday in Karachi. For all these reasons, we would like to express our pain at this new air disaster and accompany the affected families with our hearts.

We want to convey the voice of ACVFFI to local and international Authorities so that they protect the victims against the interests that are unleashed after an air disaster, promote a truthful investigation that helps correct the causes of this misfortune and clarify the responsibilities, without pressure from whatever involved actor.

Once again, ACVFFI deeply regrets that, despite the fact that commercial aviation activity is practically inactive due to the COVID-19 crisis, a flight, which must have all the guarantees, has crashed more than three km from the airport where it should have land, wreaking havoc and confusion on the homes of citizens.

ACVFFI will send this press release to the Pakistani Authorities

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