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Press release on Trigana Air Service crashed in South Indonesia

Press release on Trigana Air Service crashed in South Indonesia

The Air Crash Victims’ Families’ Federation International, registered in Spanish Official Register of Associations has taken strong exception to the most recent tragedy of the Indonesian flight TGN267. The aircraft ATR 42-300 airliner, belonging to Trigana Air Service with 54 persons on board crashed in South Indonesia on Sunday. The ACVFFI would like to state:

  1. Our condolences, support, and solidarity with the families of 54 victims. We are at their disposition for all the guidance they need in this hour on extreme family tragedy, from this very moment onwards.
  2. We strongly request the Indonesian Government to follow the Doc 9998 – ICAO Policy on Assistance of Air Accident Victims and their Families. They should relieve the suffering of families, as much as possible with dignity and care. We are going to make this petition through the Indonesian Representative in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
  3. Furthermore, we request Civil Aviation Authority of the Indonesian Government to find out the causes why the Trigana Air Service had 14 air accidents from it is beginnings in 1991, as reported by the Aviation Safety Network. Trigana Air Service is one of a large number of airlines banned from operating in European airspace because they are found to be unsafe or due to environmental issues. It has been on the banned list since 2007.

The ACVFFI pushes forward on the union of worldwide commercial aviation victim’s families in order to achieve its goal of making a change in how the international civil aviation organizations work regarding air transport accidents. It is aiming on improving victims and families assistance, right of air passengers, accident investigation and continued air safety.

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